More Insights Into Finding Fukue

One of most amazing things about the existence of this documentary, aside from the obvious goal of finding out what happened to Fukue, is that people are getting inspired to reach out to their meaningful friends from the past.  Really…


Almost Half A Million views for "Finding Fukue"!

Holy poop, guys.  This is wiiiiild.  I cannot believe how many people not only watched Finding Fukue (400,000 + so far!), but shared their thoughts and feelings and stories in the comments.  So many questions too!  So i made another…


'Finding Fukue' is kinda going viral!

WOW.  I cannot believe the response to this documentary.  So many people sharing and commenting that i decided to do a little vid on the fly answering some questions people had asked in the comments.



The release of CBC documentary 'Finding Fukue'

I am surprised and excited to announce the release of the CBC documentary we shot earlier this year in Japan, 'Finding Fukue'!  The film was made by Loud Roar Productions in conjunction with CBC Docs, and I was responsible…

4月30日:ジェシカ スチュアート "Live In Tokyo"!

日本人のおともだしたち − お久しぶりです! 
あと2日、カナダから日本へきます。WOW! うれしい!すごいプロジェクトをするためにくるんですよ:カナダのテレビ番組CBCのドキュメンタリー映画つくりにきます。知っているかどうかわからないんだけど、ジェシカがこどもだったとき、長野県で1年間日本の小学校に通った. このドキュメンタリーはあのときの記憶とかんけいあります。 


17時開場 17時半開演 

神田 楽道庵 
チャージ ご予約3000円 当日3500円 
千代田区神田司町2-16 2階 (1階はギャラリーカフェ手と花) 
ご予約 お問合せ 


OK! 来週、あなたが東京のイベントで会うことできたい!東京にいないならば, 友達について教えてください! 

Ooh! More Japan News..

Firstly, I want to thank you all so much for the overwhelming response to the announcement I made the other day about the upcoming CBC documentary shoot in Japan. All of your comments, well wishes and support gave me warm…

Big Scary News!!

There's something really big I've been wanting to share for several weeks, and I finally got the go-ahead, so here goes...

TWO weeks today, I will be flying to Japan to film a CBC documentary in which we will…

What An Honour!

Although I wouldn't swap it for any other profession, there's a dirty underbelly of rejection and unpleasantness in between most apparent victories as a musician, especially when pursuing an original music career. So when I woke up last week to…

Radio Feature this Monday on CFRU 93.3 FM!

Hey y'all!

Just got word that The Jessica Stuart Few is getting featured this Monday on a progressive - fusion - alternative radio show out of Guelph, Ontario, Canada called Sentinel's Marvellous Kaleidoscope (@smkradioprogram on both Facebook & Twitter)…


2018 Canadian Songwriting Competition Semi-Finals!

Hey loves!

Hope to see the Toronto faction at Episode 2 of 'Jessica Stuart presents', this Thursday, March 22nd from 5-7:15pm at the Tranzac Club (292 Brunswick Ave.).  I'll be joined by vibraphonist Michael Davidson for some song…


New Toronto Concert Series Launch! (Thu, Feb 22, 5-7pm)

I'm such a slacker these days on this blog of mine - I'm sorry, friends and music lovers! Let's get down to it - the big news?  This week I launch my first Toronto concert series at the amazing sounding…

Missed You..

Hello, my lovely music-loving folks,

It's been too long!  But big things have been happening in the real world, outside of the land of the internet, and so the blog has been collecting dust, and I do apologize for…