Tour's A Wrap! TORONTO Secret Show This Week..

'All I Get Is Wrecked' single release tour through Canadian provinces Ontario & Quebec is a wrap!

It was 2500 kms by train, car and bus, playing 7 cities in 7 days with Montreal artist Anna Atkinson's new project Linaire.  There are many tour tales to tell and Toronto-based folks get the chance to hear all about it and more this Wednesday, Oct 30th at a special Secret Show presented by Artery in the Annex area. Since it's both a performance, and also a "Get To Know" event, I'll be answering your questions about almost anything you might have always wanted to know, from back-stories on music to the behind the scenes info about CBC's "Finding Fukue". Click below for all the info:

Feel free to share the event link with all who you think would be interested!  And finally, a cool pic by photographer JC Batista from our tour date in Ottawa last week:



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