Fukue's Theme Part I released on RedLeaf Music! 

Guys, I'm so excited!  A bunch of you asked about my song that plays out the during the credits of Finding Fukue, and as of today it is officially released!  You can buy it for a dollar (Canadian, hah!) on the Music tab of my site here, or on bandcamp, and it'll be up on spotify and iTunes etc. any day now!  

There's stories to tell about this song which make it very special to me, and I'll share those soon, but in the meantime, throw on the headphones or plug in the speakers, close your eyes (or not!) and let yourself be transported to another world.  Feel free to comment, share, and own this tune. I can't wait for you to hear it. :)

AND in case you missed my fourth Q & A video, from yesterday, here it is!

Have a wonderful day and check out the new songggggg. yiiiiii!

More Insights Into Finding Fukue 

One of most amazing things about the existence of this documentary, aside from the obvious goal of finding out what happened to Fukue, is that people are getting inspired to reach out to their meaningful friends from the past.  Really, really amazing.  Still in shock over how much interest there has been about this and am very thankful for your well wishes and and loving vibes. :)

Here's another video explaining some more stuff about the film and beyond. And by the way, the song that plays in the 'Finding Fukue' credits is now mixed, almost mastered and will be released in the next week or two!  It sounds so great - amazing mix by my friend Ryan Granville-Martin (who also played drums on it).  K, enjoy:

Almost Half A Million views for "Finding Fukue"! 

Holy poop, guys.  This is wiiiiild.  I cannot believe how many people not only watched Finding Fukue (400,000 + so far!), but shared their thoughts and feelings and stories in the comments.  So many questions too!  So i made another Q & A video, to give you more insider info. :) 

*SPOILER ALERT - There are spoilers in this vid after the halfway mark, so watch the documentary first!*

Q & A vid #2 here:


'Finding Fukue' is kinda going viral! 

WOW.  I cannot believe the response to this documentary.  So many people sharing and commenting that i decided to do a little vid on the fly answering some questions people had asked in the comments.

*SPOILER ALERT* . If you haven't yet watched the documentary, I will be saying things that might give some info away, so watch it now? Find it in the videos tab of my site. :)

This is my first response video attempt, so let me know if i did ok!


The release of CBC documentary 'Finding Fukue' 

I am surprised and excited to announce the release of the CBC documentary we shot earlier this year in Japan, 'Finding Fukue'!  The film was made by Loud Roar Productions in conjunction with CBC Docs, and I was responsible for the musical score as well as being the subject of the film.  We went to Nagano prefecture in the spring to search for my long-lost childhood friend, Fukue and it was quite the journey.  To be honest it feels both weird and liberating to have this very personal experience on show to the world.  Many viewers have written to me already telling me that they cried when they watched, and that makes me feel better about the large amount of the film that I also am in tears.   

So, I hope you will watch the film if you feel so inclined, and share, and comment.  Empathy is more important than ever in this quickly changing world we live in - I hope this film makes you feel something, and think about the people you love, both those you've lost, those still in your life and those who've fallen out of touch. xoxoxo


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