8 million + views for Finding Fukue + new live koto performance video!

In honour of documentary #FindingFukue hitting 8 million views last week, i promised to share some unreleased footage from that trip to Japan in April/May 2018 with you and here it is! ⁣ This solo performance took place at a beautiful art space/venue in Tokyo called Rakudoan and I found this phone footage you see here of my only cover song of that concert, "Twice" by Little Dragon (thank you @houses_tokyo for the footage!). ⁣ 
A little back story for you - the evening of the Tokyo concert, i started feeling unwell, but pushed through, and right after the performance, we loaded up the van and drove several hours in the dark to Nagano prefecture to start our search for @Fukue1979. ⁣By the time we got to Nagano, I had a pretty serious flu, which lingered for the entire duration of the filming of the documentary. I was on a bunch of medication just to be out of bed, and was basically running on adrenaline to do what needed to be done, and now, 8 million have watched me sick as a dog going through an emotional roller-coaster to be reunited with my friend! Wild! ⁣ 
About the cover song choice - I did an arrangement of "Twice" that my last project The Jessica Stuart Few performed live as a trio, and it was so well loved that i ended up including a magical version on The Jessica Stuart Few's 2016 album, The Passage. ⁣ Check out the live performance of "Twice" and the incredible animated paper cut-out music video by @kajartstudio and the studio recording of "Twice" below. ♥️