Hello again!

Hey friends and music lovers.  It's been a while!  Since I last wrote, we had one of my favourite tours to date in China to release our new album, The Passage, and I've been taking some time to stockpile a bunch of new ideas for the next phase of my writing, and spending lots of time on other groups I play with that I love.  

Anyhow, there's lots to tell you, (and I do plan on filling you in with tales, photos and videos from China), but let's start by properly sharing our latest music video for "Twice", which was released while we were in China, and made it's rounds through facebook, but never really got the love it deserves yet on YouTube and around the web.  "Deserves?" you might ask?  Well, this video is an awesome piece of art brought to life by Kajart  - entirely made from paper cut-outs in a stop-motion animation style and time consuming labour of love!  (Stop-motion for those unfamiliar is when you use still photographs to capture miniscule movements in a scene, so that when the photos are shown in sequence that the objects in the scene appear to be moving - in this case, 24 photos per second!)  The song in the video is my koto rendition of a Little Dragon tune, which has it's own beautiful shadow puppetry music vid, and I had the idea that in the same way that I covered their song with different instrumentation/style, that we could also do a "cover" version of their music video in a different medium.  (Read Chart Attack's coverage of our music video release HERE)

SO, with no further ado, please share, comment and "like" if you feel it. Love yous and promise to be in touch a little more coming up.. xo