Canadian Songwriting Competition Semi-Finals!

SO, this past week has been a bit of a thrill - aside from crossing "climb the CN Tower" off my bucket list, I found out that 3 of my songs made it to the semi-finals of the Canadian Songwriting Competition! Something particularly cool about the 3 songs that made it through, is that in Canada, my music is often not considered "mainstream" enough to be heard anywhere but campus/community radio or CBC Radio 1 (and geez, do I love CBC and campus radio!), although it certainly doesn't have the same problem in other countries we tour to. (For instance, did you know that our last album's single, "Don't Ya" made to the Top 40 charts in Japan in 2013?  Of the semi-finals selected songs, one of them, "Same Girl" was chosen in the Pop category, so that's a victory for me!  The other two were in the Jazz/Soul category, which is also great, because of the amazing company my songs get to keep there (alongside Elizabeth Shepherd, Myriad3, Amanda Tosoff etc).

Anyhow, do you wanna hear those songs?  

1. Pop semi-finalist, Same Girl 
2. Jazz/Soul semi-finalist, Shame On You (featuring live-off-the-floor vocal harmonies with Michelle Willis & Jocelyn Barth)
3. Jazz/Soul semi-finalist, Passage, and we made a video for it that came out a few months ago, so I'll post that at the end.

Winners announced next month!

LAST NEWS for the moment - you might have noticed that we play more outside the country than we do in Toronto these days, so our local shows are Few and far between (oops!  Totally unintentional capitalizing of 'Few', but i'll leave it be..), SO we are super stoked to be playing Canadian Music Week for the manyth time, but have an awesome slot on Friday, April 21st at 10pm at Supermarket with some great co-bills, Chad Price and BARQ (nice work, CMW!  These festivals are not known for the cohesion in their line-ups, but totally nailed it this time!).  SO, whoever's gonna be in Toronto, we hope to see you then. 

Enjoy the vid, like/share/comment liberally, and thanks for reading, lovelies. xo