Open Call For Questions for Next Finding Fukue Q & A Video!

Hello lovelies!

It's been a hot minute since I made the last "Questions Answered" video on YouTube about CBC documentary Finding Fukue (and more!), and I know that there's been a couple million new views on the documentary since then, so here's what I'm thinking..

This is an open call to comment with your questions that you want me to include and answer in the next video! I'm excited to hear from you all and find out what you're curious about - could be about the documentary and backstories, or about my music and the Japanese koto, or just stuff you wanted to know about me, but you can comment here on this blog post, OR better yet, on the video below on YouTube. 

The call for questions is open til this Monday, June 15th, so comment away and make 'em good, cause i might not have time to answer them all! 
I've also made 9 other videos answering questions, so you can watch those on my YouTube channel if you're feeling it. :) 

Thanks for watching, and get your questions in! ♥️😘 
p.s. Background music is the instrumental of my song "Fukue's Theme Part I" from the Finding Fukue soundtrack - check full song below