Fukue's Theme Part I released on RedLeaf Music!

Guys, I'm so excited!  A bunch of you asked about my song that plays out the during the credits of Finding Fukue, and as of today it is officially released!  You can buy it for a dollar (Canadian, hah!) on the Music tab of my site here, or on bandcamp, and it'll be up on spotify and iTunes etc. any day now!  

There's stories to tell about this song which make it very special to me, and I'll share those soon, but in the meantime, throw on the headphones or plug in the speakers, close your eyes (or not!) and let yourself be transported to another world.  Feel free to comment, share, and own this tune. I can't wait for you to hear it. :)

AND in case you missed my fourth Q & A video, from yesterday, here it is!

Have a wonderful day and check out the new songggggg. yiiiiii!