New Toronto Concert Series Launch! (Thu, Feb 22, 5-7pm)

I'm such a slacker these days on this blog of mine - I'm sorry, friends and music lovers! Let's get down to it - the big news?  This week I launch my first Toronto concert series at the amazing sounding Southern Cross room at The Tranzac!  I'm calling it 'Jessica Stuart presents' and every month I'll be debuting some new music, and trying collaborative things with different players and different instrumentation than usual, while booking a killer original act to join the bill and do the same.  Jessica Stuart presents: Episode 1 will feature my good pal Delta Will 's Chamber Folk Experience, and he will make the odd time slot (5-7pm!) well worth the trip. :)

The details:

When: Thursday, February 22nd, 5-7pm
Where: The Tranzac Club, Southern Cross room (292 Brunswick Ave, The Annex, Toronto, Canada)
What: 2 sets, Delta Will Chamber Folk Experience & Jessica Stuart, song debuts, good vibes, no cover, just a generosity jug :)

Can't make it this week? No prob - check these upcoming episodes:

  • Thursday, March 22, 5-7pm - Jessica Stuart presents: Episode 2 - Alex St Kitts' Mini Projektor
  • Thursday, April 19, 5-7pm - Jessica Stuart presents: Episode 3 - Katie DuTemple 

Lastly - lots of you folks that check in here aren't in the Toronto area, so I wanted to share a little live vid to put you in the moood :)  It's a little solo performance vid shot in December playing at 120 Diner.  (Thanks to Nick Kusiba for the footage. :)



Hope you watch, share, enjoy! (Ok fine, and like/comment and that kinda stuff too if you're into that. :P ) And for the Toronto faction, it'll be super sweet to see your face for the concert series launch on Thursday.

Have a great week til then. :)