The release of CBC documentary 'Finding Fukue'

I am surprised and excited to announce the release of the CBC documentary we shot earlier this year in Japan, 'Finding Fukue'!  The film was made by Loud Roar Productions in conjunction with CBC Docs, and I was responsible for the musical score as well as being the subject of the film.  We went to Nagano prefecture in the spring to search for my long-lost childhood friend, Fukue and it was quite the journey.  To be honest it feels both weird and liberating to have this very personal experience on show to the world.  Many viewers have written to me already telling me that they cried when they watched, and that makes me feel better about the large amount of the film that I also am in tears.   

So, I hope you will watch the film if you feel so inclined, and share, and comment.  Empathy is more important than ever in this quickly changing world we live in - I hope this film makes you feel something, and think about the people you love, both those you've lost, those still in your life and those who've fallen out of touch. xoxoxo