Ooh! More Japan News..

Firstly, I want to thank you all so much for the overwhelming response to the announcement I made the other day about the upcoming CBC documentary shoot in Japan. All of your comments, well wishes and support gave me warm fuzzies, and I appreciate it all so very deeply. (Missed the announcement? Read "Big Scary News" here)

So, since this trip came up pretty unexpectedly, it wasn't certain whether we'd be able to fit in a performance on such a tight shooting schedule, but I am very excited to announce that with the help of Tom Kato of Creator's Lounge, I will be playing a concert in Tokyo on April 30 which will include a solo set of my original music (koto, acoustic guitar, vocals), live calligraphy art by Setsuhi and a jam set with myself, a shakuhachi player + other special guests. This is incredibly short lead time for an international show, so please help me spread the word to any of your friends/family in Tokyo! Concert info at the bottom of this blog post

So that's the news!  Toronto folks - hope you'll come hear some song debuts and Katie DuTemple's gorgeous musical stylings tomorrow (Thursday, April 19th) for Episode 3 of 'Jessica Stuart presents!' at the TRANZAC Club in the Annex.  No cover charge, just pay-what-you-can at this early monthly event (5-7:15pm!).  xoxoxo

TOKYO concert info:

琴 Jessicax書 Setsuhi 
Jessica - koto, guitar, vocals x Setsuhi - calligraphy 

■2018年4月30日(祝)- Monday, April 30 (National Holiday)  
17時開場 17時半開演 - Doors at 5pm, Concert at 5:30pm 

Venue: 神田 楽道庵 - Rakudoan  
チャージ ご予約3000円 当日3500円 - Advance tickets: ¥3000 Door tickets: ¥3500 
千代田区神田司町2-16 2階 (1階はギャラリーカフェ手と花) - 2-16 Tsukasa-cho, Kanda, 2nd floor 
Reservations: TEL03-3261-8015 ご予約 お問合せ